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Based in Casablanca, J&C Agency is a digital communications agency specializing in custom website design and web marketing.

Expand your business with innovative solutions

With over ten years of expertise, Casablanca-based J&C Agency specializes in the design of customized digital solutions. Our reputation is built on our ability to innovate, combining creativity and cutting-edge technology. Thanks to our commitment and responsiveness, we build strong relationships with our customers, reinforcing our position as market leader.

Measured rates

Our high-quality services are affordable, offering you excellent value for money.

Tailor-made strategies

We don't believe in universal solutions. Our solutions are tailored to your company's specific needs.

Customer focus

We focus on customer needs and create concepts that will captivate your audience.

J&C Agency helps Casablanca companies boost their visibility!

We're a Casablanca-based team of talented developers, creative designers,digital communications specialists and experienced strategists. We exceed expectations by using cutting-edge technologies and implementing innovative strategies.

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Whether you want to design an innovative website, launch an e-commerce store, optimize your digital communications or improve your search engine visibility, Casablanca-based J&C Agency is here to help. We offer efficient, sustainable solutions tailored to your specific needs. In addition to managing your redesign projects, we maintain and host your sites, while developing high-performance SEO strategies to strengthen your online presence.

Website creation in Casablanca

We design bespoke responsive websites with a personalized, customer-focused approach in Casablanca.

Social network management in Casablanca

We shape a dynamic social media presence in Casablanca, aligning our strategies with your brand and goals.

digital in Casablanca

We develop tailor-made digital marketing strategies in Casablanca, perfectly adapted to your specific needs and objectives.

Natural referencing in Casablanca

We optimize SEO to maximize your visibility and attract qualified traffic to your website.

Video and photo shoots in Casablanca

We produce captivating videos in Casablanca to promote your brand and captivate your target audience.

Digital reputation management in Casablanca

We monitor and improve your online reputation in Casablanca to protect and enhance your brand.

Creating experiences, guaranteeing success.

Our commitment to quality and excellence is second to none. From the first brainstorming session to the delivery of the final product, we ensure that every step of the process is carried out to perfection. At J&C Agency in Casablanca, you don't just get a service; you get a partner dedicated to your growth and success.

Quality assurance

Quality isn't just a buzzword for us. It's an integral part of our workflow, ensuring that all our deliverables meet the highest standards.

Professional support

We offer 7-day-a-week support to ensure smooth operation and rapid resolution of any problems you may encounter.

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We are demonstrating our commitment to providing innovative, leading-edge digital solutions. At Casablanca, we firmly believe in the power of technology and design to transform businesses, propelling them into the future. Our dedication to quality and excellence is second to none.

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Our customers share their experiences of transformation and growth. Genuine feedback on the quality of our service.

We now have a fantastic website that perfectly encapsulates the essence of our company thanks to them. Their service has exceeded all of our expectations, making us extremely happy.

Samantha Milner
Mindful LLC

Thanks to the hard work of the team, our company now has a state-of-the-art website that is also incredibly easy to navigate. Their digital marketing prowess is undeniable, and they should be commended for it.

Mike Johnson
DEF Technologies

They have a team that is not only extremely knowledgeable but also very professional and quick to respond to any inquiries. They have proven to be an outstanding digital partner for us to collaborate with.

Emma Smith
GHI Industries
They put their trust in us...
Parnasaa Courtage
Le Gaillard
Palais Narwama
Kessef Business

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Welcome to J&C Agency : Your Digital Partner in Casablanca

Located in the heart of Casablanca, Morocco, J&C Agency is a leading digital agency specializing in the creation of customized digital solutions. Our mission is to turn your vision into reality through innovative digital strategies and in-depth web development expertise. Whether you need to create a website, improve your web marketing or strengthen your presence on search engines, we’re here to support you at every stage of your web project.

Expertise in Digital Strategy

At J&C Agency, based in Casablanca, we believe that every web project is unique and deserves a personalized approach. We work closely with our customers to develop digital strategies that meet their specific needs and business objectives. Our team of communication strategy and web-marketing specialists use advanced tools like Google AdWords to maximize your return on investment and ensure that your website reaches the right people at the right time.

Web development and CMS

Web development is at the heart of our business. We use content management systems (CMS) like WordPress to create websites that are intuitive, functional and easy to manage. Whether you need a showcase site to present your company or a more complex platform, our team of developers can meet all your requirements. Each website creation is designed to offer an optimal user experience, with a responsive design that guarantees fluid navigation on all devices.

Webdesign and Graphic Design

Your image on the web is essential to attract and retain the attention of your visitors. Our team of talented web designers and graphic artists is dedicated to creating visually appealing and ergonomic designs. We make a point of understanding your visual identity and translating it into coherent, impactful graphic elements. Whether we’re creating logos, designing banners or the overall design of your site, we make sure that every element perfectly reflects the essence of your brand.

Marketing Strategy and Webmarketing

A good marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your business on the web. At J&C Agency, we draw up comprehensive webmarketing plans that encompass SEO (search engine optimization), SEA (paid search via Google AdWords), and mailing and emailing campaigns. Our aim is to help you achieve maximum search engine visibility and attract qualified traffic to your website. Thanks to our expertise in Adwords and SEO optimization, we can guarantee you measurable, lasting results.

Community Management and E-reputation

Managing your presence on social networks is a crucial aspect of your digital strategy. Our community management experts work to create and maintain dynamic, engaging web communication with your audience. We also monitor your e-reputation to protect you from negative reviews and reinforce your positive online image. Thanks to a well-defined communications strategy, we can help you build a loyal and active community around your brand.

Ergonomics and User Experience

Ergonomics and user experience (UX) are key elements of any successful web project. We ensure that every site we develop is intuitive and easy to navigate, offering a pleasant, frictionless user experience. Our project managers work closely with designers and developers to ensure that every aspect of the site is optimized for performance and accessibility.

Mailing and Emailing Solutions

Mailing and emailing campaigns are powerful tools for building customer loyalty and increasing sales. At J&C Agency, we create personalized campaigns that capture your prospects’ attention and inspire them to take action. Using advanced segmentation and personalization techniques, we ensure that each message reaches its target audience with maximum impact.

Web Project Management

Every web project we undertake is managed by a dedicated project manager, who ensures coordination and communication between all stakeholders. We are committed to meeting deadlines and budgets, while guaranteeing quality and excellence at every stage of the process. Our rigorous approach to project management enables us to deliver digital solutions that perfectly meet our customers’ expectations.

Why choose J&C Agency in Casablanca?

When you choose J&C Agency in Casablanca, you’re choosing a digital agency committed to your side, ready to take on any challenge to propel your business to new heights. Our team of developers, designers, marketing specialists and project managers is dedicated to delivering innovative, effective and tailor-made digital solutions. Contact us today to discuss your web project and find out how we can help you achieve your goals through thoughtful digital strategy and flawless execution.

For more information, visit our website or follow us on our social networks to keep up to date with our latest achievements and news. We look forward to working with you and contributing to your success on the web.